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designing since 2009

Meet Michael

Hi there, I’m Michael, the face behind Design Break. I bring to the table years of experience in the creative industry, a whirlwind of knowledge, and an unbeatable creative flair that’s fundamental to driving the success behind every project I touch here at Design Break.

Full Service Design Studio

I offer a full-service creative powerhouse that’s here to help craft incredible branding, stunning logo design, memorable websites, creative graphic design, and more.

Break away from design norms…

The culture and values behind the brand ethos of Design Break is paralleled to my style of creativity. Every piece of work that I craft is driven by a desire to break away from normal, to explore the new and create something unique, memorable, new, and impactful.

I like to deliver a unique quality of work that helps brands stand out in a competitive and ever changing landscape. I take pride in truly creating work for my clients that demonstrates a level of passion, dedication, and value that you just don’t get with a massive design agency.

From Down Below To The World

New Zealand provides a unique vantage point for creative inspiration. Both the natural diverse landscapes and the varied cities give a different influence on how my work is crafted. Kiwis have a strong culture in art and creativity that has been showcased on the world stage through film, music, and other creative pursuits.

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